Structure of the Workers' Compensation Commission

The Commission has eight offices, or districts, with one or more commissioners hearing cases in each. Your claim should be filed in the district in which the injury occurred. If your injury occurred outside of Connecticut, you may file your claim in the district where you live, or in the district where your employer is located. You may request a change to a more convenient district after you file your claim if travel presents a problem.

Contact information for the districts:

First District - Hartford: 999 Asylum Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 06105
Phone: 860-566-4154 Fax: 860-566-6137

Second District - Norwich: 55 Main Street, Suite 450, Norwich, Connecticut 06360
Phone: 860-823-3900 Fax: 860-823-1725

Third District - New Haven: 700 State Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511-6500
Phone: 203-789-7512 Fax: 203-789-7168

Fourth District -Bridgeport: 350 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604
Phone: 203-382-5600 Fax: 203-335-8760

Fifth District - Waterbury: 55 West Main Street, Suite 200, Waterbury, Connecticut 06702
Phone: 203-596-4207 Fax: 203-805-6501

Sixth District - New Britain: 233 Main Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06051
Phone: 860-827-7180 Fax: 860-827-7913

Seventh District - Stamford: 111 High Ridge Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06905
Phone: 203-325-3881 Fax: 203-967-7264

Eighth District - Middletown: 90 Court Street, Middletown, Connecticut 06457
Phone: 860-344-7453 Fax: 860-344-7487

Click here for a map showing the boundaries of each district.

The Office of the Chairman of the Commission is located at: 21 Oak Street, Fourth Floor, Hartford, Connecticut 06106.
Phone: 860-493-1500 Fax: 860-247-1361

This is also the location of the Compensation Review Board, or CRB. The CRB hears and decides appeals from decisions by the fifteen commissioners who decide cases. The CRB panel is made up of two of the fifteen commissioners who serve on a rotating schedule, plus the Chairman. Commissioners cannot hear appeals of their own decisions. Appeals from the CRB are heard by the Appellate Court, and sometimes by the Supreme Court.

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